Advanced Terrain Modelling

Author: Richard Windrow

About this book

terrain modelling

The secrets of terrain modelling are revealed by Richard Windrow, one of the world’s leading modellers. Everything from castles to the destruction wrought upon modern cities by war is covered in this accessible book. Explore the difficulties of creating a desert landscape, from the sandstone of Arizona to the wastelands of North Africa. Discover the handiwork needed to create the barbed wire death traps of No-Man’s Land and the wilderness of Russia in winter. The variety of seasons, environments and historical periods are detailed in over 200 step-by-step photographs answering a modeller’s ‘how to’ questions. Accompanying these photographs is an invaluable guide to the materials and techniques needed to create top-quality terrain, providing the essential reference volume for the military and non-military modeller alike.


  • Introduction
  • Preparation, materials, techniques
  • Rock and stone desert
  • Primeval forest
  • Freeze up
  • Norman motte and bailey
  • Field works
  • Scabby camp
  • Muddy ground
  • River estuary
  • Deep water
  • Shattered peace
  • Ruined street
  • Perspective diorama
  • List of materials
  • tools and the suppliers
  • Further reading
  • Index

Hardback; August 2007; 192 pages;

ISBN: 9781841769752

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