Here you will find what I am working on at the moment (updated Sept 2019).

“Put Down Your Weapon”

This is another Post Apocalyptic diorama. Set in the year 2040 world disorder is rampant, so much so the G8 have got together and created an organisation called Z.O.W.I.E (Zonal Organisation for World Intelligence and Espionage).

Main Kit: Tamiya LWB Montero (with Sport Options).
Figures: Foreground is from Nutsplanet (part of their Trigger series), the other figures are from ICM SWAT series.

Holocaust Memorial

Next inline is a memorial to the Holocaust. I have seen a few of these types of models, some done in black n White, but mine will be a bronze memorial, similar to the Arnhem memorial I did a few years ago.

Main Kit: MiniArt Wagon
Additional Kit(s): MiniArt Luggage sets (I have aquired 10 of these so far, might need a few more).

See below for some reference images and the kits themselves.

On going Project

I have now purchased the complete set of the “Tail Brotherhood Series” of figures. This will be a dip in dip out project, only takes me a day to do each figure. Usually do one of these whilst working on a major project, just to have a break.

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