Post Apocalyptic

The year 2020. No one thought that the strange lights in the sky that cold September morning could bring so much chaos and destruction.

No one could believe, that from one event the world, as we knew it, would be turned up side down and would usher in what be became known as the ‘Dawn of the Apocalypse’.

Plague has brought mankind to its knees, only a handful of people have survived. Governments and society has disappeared and survival of the fittest is the new religion. Out of this disaster mankind developed machines to help survive the infestation of Zombies. Collecting everything and anything they could lay their hands on, these machines became the vanguard in the war against the Zombie threat…

Don’t get bitten or scratched, it takes the smallest nick and you are dead. If you can make it out alive and get yourself to sanctuary then you might just stand a chance.

Welcome to the Dawn of the Apocalypse.

Check out a trailer for a short film I am in the process of shooting:

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