Zombie Hunters

Here is my latest in this series of models, this time in 1/35 scale using the MasterBox “Zombie Hunter” figure set, several figures from “Not Yet Dead” and buildings from MiniArt.

You can see the build here on the Britmodeller Forum.

Story behind the build…

“And the Second Angel poured out his vial; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died…”

Not long after the end, only a few of us where left, everyone else, they were gone. Or worse, hypnotised and helpless, they turned in days.

We have been hiding from these things since everything went to hell. Need to get out of here, and fight back. Most of us are armed and rearing to go, its pay back time. The last few days have been really bad, but we have survived this far, because we are not yet dead!

Humanity and had reached its last few humans, living ones at least, the rest had been turned into flesh eating Zombies. No one can remember how it all started but we are damn sure how it will end.

With supplies running low groups of survivors make foraging trips. Some encounter only the quite empty streets, while others have to fight to stay alive. One such group, husband, wife and baby have been on the road for a few weeks when they come across another deserted town, or so they think.

Fuel; being the main reason for this latest outing, they come across some fuel cans in an alleyway next to a Grocery Market. Whilst the husband checks the contents of the cans, his wife stands with their baby in arms, as look out, when suddenly, out of the shop comes some zombies. To late to get back in the pickup, the wife flees up the staircase at the side of the building, finding her way blocked by a gate, she turns to see her husband fighting off the zombies, armed only with a spade.

From up the street is hear the sound of some approaching vehicles. The sound announces the arrival of two women, one on a scooter armed with a cricket bat and a dustbin lid, the other on motorbike armed with a pistol. Quickly assessing the situation, the women engage the zombies. Their timely arrival safes the day, or does it?

One thought on “Zombie Hunters

  1. Saw your diorama on YouTube 9 months ago as old, bald fat man. Started working on some kits, but then things changed. From Oct. to mid Jan., was in/out of VA hospital with me getting 3 stints & a heart valve.

    In February/March, started back to work part time, then in April started back into modeling 1/35th scale zombie/apocalypse stuff and really went to town in buying kits/supplies. Couldn’t find any really current cars/ trucks in 1/32nd or 1/35th scale, so been buying 1/32nd diecast vehicles, then later, 1/36th scale stuff. They all need a lot of interior work to make them realistic (hello scratch building) and will be making molds of the bodies so doors can be shown open on some of them. ATV’s, pickups, convertibles (VW & other types), been buying ’em all. Have 4 different types of VW buses for example and will make one of them the camper version. Adding to all of this are various 1/35th military vehicles which will (I hope) look like military surplus.

    Hardest part is lack of women, but found Master Boxes pinup girl set and with modifications using Milliput/Green Stuff, will have entirely new figures without the T&A look a lot of dioramas/paintings seem to go for. Will try casting molds of them for greater usage of the figures. Assortment of resin heads and LOTS of different weapons other than AR-15’s/AK-47’s such as flamethrowers, hand held Gatling guns, shotguns, etc.

    Works in progress: Tamiya WW 2 German horse, Italeri BMW 74R motorcycle w/sidecar, Italeri Humvee, Tamiya WW 2 German bicycle, scratch built 3 seater swing seat, merry go round and monkey bars.


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