Zombie Recon Vehicle

In a Post Apocalyptic world you need rugged vehicles like the Zombie Containment Vehicle, the Samba Battle Bus as well as the personal vehicles, the Pursuit car and the Zombie Killer car, but before you use any of these you need to be able to go out and find the essential stuff, like fuel, weapons, food etc, and for this you will need a “Recon Vehicle”.

There is no better vehicle for the job than the F100 Ford Pickup with a Browning .50 machine gun mounted on the pickup bed.

Base kit AMT 1953 F100 Ford Pickup. Base mat from Model Scene, road made from modelling clay, fence scratch built from Balsa wood and signs found on the inter web.

One thought on “Zombie Recon Vehicle

  1. That’s a nice looking build. Glad to see you didn’t put 1000+ pounds of steel on the truck like I’ve seen too many modelers do. And noticed where you have the 50 bolted to the bed of the truck.


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