Zombie Killer Car ‘Dawn of the Apocalypse’

The year 2020.. No one thought that the strange lights in the sky that cold September morning could bring so much chaos and destruction.
It did.
No one could believe, that from one event the world, as we knew it, would be turned upside down and would usher in what be became known as the ‘Dawn of the Apocalypse’

I thought I’d go for something different this time round. I had in mind to do a Mad Max car as I want to use some of the Live Resin kits that I so admire.

The base kit is an old Revell Monogram Camaro Z28 to which I have added a steel windshield, doors plus a M2 Browning.50 Cal Machine Gun mounted on the roof and two M134D Miniguns mounted tho the bonnet.

I then come across this website “Dark World Creations”, I had ordered some Zombie figures.

This then lead to the change of name to Zombie Killer Car ‘Dawn of the Apocalypse’.

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