Samba Battle Bus

This is a another departure for me. I have never done a lot of scratch building before on one model as I am doing on this one.

The inspiration for this model came from a forum post of the image below.


I purchased a Revell Samba Bus a while ago looking to make a rust bucket part of my Junk Yard series of vehicles.

Once I saw the image I knew I had to make this, but I needed a donor vehicle for the Samba Bus to sit on.

I missed the opportunity to purchase a Revell Unimog Fire Engine at a club night. I have a Unimog kit that I have a plan for so I didn’t want to use it for this project. I asked my friend who bought the kit if he really want it, he said not so I purchased it from him and I was set for this project.

So here it is.

One thought on “Samba Battle Bus

  1. Always wondered who built this as I found some photos of this during my Google search of zombie/ apocalypse dioramas. Only problem I have is isn’t the bus sitting a bit too high? Along with the gear on top of it, wouldn’t it make it top heavy/turn over easily? And love the figure, just wish there was something like her in 1/35th scale. But then, can (hopefully) modify a Master Box pinup girl into one like her.


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