I was on the look out for something different to do from the usual WWII & modern armour and figures, when I came across this figure/bust at our Salisbury Model Show.

It is by Model Design Construction (MDC) sculpted by S. Peacock. The model comes in two pieces, the body and the arm. There is very little flash to clear up.

I started by priming the model with Grey Plastic Acrylic Primer, then I gave the flesh areas a light coat of Vallejo “Basic Skintone” 70815. Then the flesh areas got a layer of Vallejo “Dark Flesh” 70927. I then paint the muscles with Citadel “Red Gore” and the shadows with Citadel “Scab Red”. I then applied a light coat of Citadel “Rotting Flesh” to the flesh areas. The exposed skull was painted with Vallejo “Off White” 70820. The cloth was painted with Vallejo “Khaki” 7098.
Once everything had dried for 24 hours I sealed the model with Army Painter Anti Shine Matt Varnish. When this had dried I applied a wash with Mig Productions Neutral Wash. After this had dried I dried brushed the flesh areas with Vallejo “Light Flesh” 70928. I then pick out the recesses with Mig Productions “Dark Wash”. The final step was a light wash with Citadel “Ogryn Flesh”. Then sealed again with Army Painter Anti Shine Matt Varnish.

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