Chrysler C300 – American Restoration

Ever wanted to find a classic car in a Junk Yard or hidden away in a long forgotten barn? In the States (America to you and I) there is a group of people called “Pikers” collective name for their pursuit is “Antique Archeology”, who travel around looking for just this sort of thing.

This particluar model is inspired by the excellent book Dr Cranky’s “Ratz Rodz and Rusty” and by all things rusty.

The model is a 1/24 scale plastic kit from Moebius.

Rusted with:

  • Lifecolor Rust and Dust set
  • Mig: Light, Standard & Old Rust pigments
  • Barn scratch built with balsa wood

Imagine the scene:

After a long day traveling the dusty roads of the Midwest our “pikers” stop off at a small town garage and diner. Over a cool glass of beer they get talking to the locals who are interested in what brought them to their town.
“Pickers you say” explained one old boy.
“Yes that’s right.” replied one of pickers.
“Not much to pick around here son,” piped up another, “Fruit picking season has finished.”
“No not that kind of picking”, came back the reply “old stuff, Antiques that sort of thing.”
“Plenty of Old Stuff in here” laughed another spreading his arms wide indicating the room. The dinner erupted into prolonged laughter. After a while the laughter died down, followed by the occasional chuckle and wiping of eyes. One old boy asked if they had had much luck with their picking?
“Not a great deal,” was the reply. “We had hoped to find a few things from the forties or fifties.”
“What kind of things?”
“All sorts. Commercial signs, furniture, cars. All sorts.” The diner fell silent, except for the noise from the ceiling fan as it tried to move the heat from the room. After a while a voice spoke up from across the room. “Didn’t the Cassey boys have a 55 Chrysler 300C, stored away in one of the barns on their farm?” Several people nodded in the affirmative.
“Where is the farm?” asked one of the pikers. “And is it still there?” he continued, only just managing to hide his excitement from his voice. “Could you give us directions?”
The pickers left the diner, and hurried to their van with the directions to the barn written on paper napkin. It seem to take an age before they finally found the barn. The barn was bathed in the warm fading sunlight. Like long fingers the light stretched out towards the barn, as if pointing the way.
Looking through the gaps between the wooden plank walls of the barn, they could just make outVirgil Exner’s” distinctive styling on a 1955 Chrysler 300C…..

And this what they saw..

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