Citroen 2CV “Ugly Duckling”

While it’s body styling may be questionable, there’s no denying that the simple, rugged Citroen 2CV was a masterpiece of automotive mass production, with over 3.5 million produced from 1948 to 1990. Its reliable air-cooled 2-cylinder engine got the little front wheel drive car from point A to point B with little fuss, and the car could accomodate 4 adults adequately. With its soft suspension designed for off-road driving, it is said that the 2CV could traverse a ploughed field without breaking any of the eggs it carried. The 2CV’s “ugly duckling” image did not win it any style awards, but it certainly gave it personality, and along with its pure practicality won the hearts of many drivers around the world.

This Ugly Duckling is in need of some love and attention.

Tamiya 1/24 Scale kit. Rusted with AK Interactive Worn Weather effects, LifeColor Rust and Dust paints. Base mat from “Model Scene“, shed scratch build from balsa wood.

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