Painting Tommy’s War Figures

People ask me what paints I use on my Tommy’s War figures so here is my painting guide.

British Officer

  • Uniform (Life Colour 221)
  • Boots, Holster, Belt (Testors Leather)
  • Satchel (Life Colour 223)

British Solider

  • Uniform (Vallejo 879)
  • Wedding (Life Colour 223 – then a wash with watered down Vallejo 988)
  • Buttons, Belt Ends (Vallejo 801)
  • Cap Strap, Puttees (Vallejo 921)
  • Rifle (Vallejo 814)

The Life Colour paints are from the Faded Allied paint set

Painting the flesh using the following Vallejo paints:

  • Base coat (815)
  • Shadow (927) watered down
  • Highlights (928)
  • Wash (73204)
  • Final Dry brush (820)

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