Rust or nor 2 Rust – Pt2

Right, you have your kit made, added some destruction and its primed and ready to go, now what?
For this article I will take you through my project, a 1955 Chrysler C300 by Moebius.

In the modelling world this has been an eagerly await kit. The box is stuffed with bits of plastic sealed in plastics bags, instruction sheet, decals and a reproduction sales brochure, which is nice. Pretty much what you would expect from a model kit.

The build was straight forward; some cleaning up to be done with flash lines, fit is good so there should be no surprises when it all goes together at the end. I have left the engine out to paint and weather before fitting, had a few dry runs to make sure I could do this. On this model I will have the bonnet open so a bit of time spent on the engine at this stage is worth it.

Engine Before Weathering Engine Before Weathering

Interior painted and assembled. Haven’t done too much detail painting of the interior as the windows will be dusted with grime so you wouldn’t be able to see too much of what’s inside – I might do a bit of weathering of the seats and put some rubbish inside.

Interior before weathering

The body of the car will be a combination of rust and faded paint with no rust damage, so no need to take the Drimmel to it.

I primed the model with Vallejo Grey Surface Primer via my trusty airbrush. I like this primer as it dries very quickly and is hard in about an hour ready for the base coat of rust.

For the rust colours I use LifeColour’s Rust and Dust set. This set includes:

  • UA 701 Rust Dark Shadow
  • UA 702 Rust Base Colour
  • UA 703 Rust Light Shadow 1
  • UA 704 Rust Light shadow 2
  • UA 705 Dust Type 1
  • UA 706 Dust Type 2

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