Rust or not 2 Rust – Pt3

First of all I sprayed several thin coats of the Rust Base colour, and then sprayed on patches of Rust Light Shadow 1 & 2 onto areas of the car to give a patchy feel to the rust; I then sprayed Rust Dark Shadow into recessed areas on the car.

You can see the areas of light and dark on the Base Coat in the pictures above. The body will get a coat of Vallejo “Ice Yellow White” for the body colour.

Rust Base Colour Rust Base Colour


Ok, the rusting process, this is where the fun begins. There are several techniques you can use, some of you who model armour will have heard of some of these and may have used them…

  • Salt
  • Hairspray
  • Colour Modulation

There are products that reproduce the hairspray technique in a bottle, for example Vallejo’s Chipping Medium which can be airbrushed onto specific areas of the model to be chipped/faded, once dry apply a coat of the body colour. Let this dry then using a cocktail stick and a stiff brush dipped in warm water, carefully remove the top coat of paint from the areas the Chipping Medium was applied.

Example of weatheringI have listed the Colour Modulation technique, but it’s not one I shall be using as I feel it’s a bit arty and too much work to achieve an affect that can be easy created with washes.

For this article I will be using the Salt Technique. I have never used this technique before so it will be fun to learn together. I have used the Hairspray and the Vallejo method in the past, but felt the effect I want on this model would be a best archived using the Salt method. Something like the image on the left.

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