Rust or not 2 Rust – Pt5

The Salt method: Continued..

Once everything had dried overnight I carefully removed the salt using a soft brush and my finger to rub the salt off. If you make a mistake here you can always overspray again with the rust colour and add some more salt and repeat the above process.

The effect was not bad for a first attempt but I wanted a bit more rust showing through. I knew I could fix this during the painting and weathering stages so wasn’t too worried.

At this stage in the proceedings I started to think about the setting for the car, I didn’t want to overpower the car with too much detail in the setting, like with the Revell 1/24 Scale Mercedes-Benz I did recently…

I think this diorama called for it but not the Chrysler, I want the car to be the focus. So I have gone for a corner of a barn, no tarps or anything large to take away from the car. I might have the odd item hanging from the walls – less is more as they say.

The base is from a local Model shop, I covered an area in a thin layer of clay for the floor of the barn. The barn is made from balsa wood, primed with Games Workshop Chaos Black, then airbrushed with Vallejo white, left it for 10 minutes until it was touch dry then applied Andrea Brown ink diluted with water. This allows the white to show through the brown as fading/dust.

That’s the base done, a little bit of set dressing required, some straw on the floor and that’s it.

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