Rust or not 2 Rust – Pt6


I got too carried away with the rusting process and forgot to take images at the different stages, but here is a breakdown of the process I employed…

Here are a few images I hope will help with explaining this process.

First stage is to lay down some Base Colour; whilst this is still wet I applied various splodges of Light Shadow 1 & 2 in a random fashion around the edges of the base colour. With the base colour still wet I was able to achieve a faded/blended look.

I repeated this on other areas of the model until I was satisfied with the result. Once the paint had dried I applied some light dusting of MIG Light & Dark Rust pigments, blending them in using my finger and a cotton bud. Using the residue of pigment on the cotton bud, I ran this around the chrome to give it a look of rust stating to come through the chrome.

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