Rust or not 2 Rust – Pt7

Barn Base Finished

As I said earlier I decided not to put too much into the base as the car would be the vocal point. I painted onto the base a mixture of white paint, water down and added some Vallejo “English Uniform” to add a brown colour to it. Once this had gone tacky I sprinkled horse hair cut into short lengths over it to simulate straw.

I then gave it a light spray of water down scatter grip, over this I scattered on some more horse hair.

Once the glue had dried I sprayed several light coats of Vallejo “English Uniform” and “Iraqi Sand” to give the straw a more dried old/dusty look.

The base is now ready for the car. Once I had finished the rusting with Mig Pigments Old, Standard & Light Rust I sprayed several light coats of Vallejo “Satin Varnish” over the car.

Once this had dried, I sprayed a light coat of LifeColour “Dust” over the entire model to tie in the rusting, to give the effect of the car having sat in the barn for a long time.

And that’s it, Job done.

Click Here to see more images and a video of the finished model.

I am pleased with the result of my first attempt at the Salt Technique, next time I will use the Hair Spray Technique using Vallejo’s Chipping Medium.

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